Maria Franzen Fitness


I put on a lot of weight when I went to uni. I went from a size 10 to a size 16. I tried to lose the weight on my own, but always ended up losing a bit and then putting it all back on again.

But with Maria's help I finally got back to a size 10 and stayed there. She is patient, supportive and motivating. She does work me hard, not letting me give up, but it is done in a kind, encouraging way so I always feel looked after and never intimidated.

I would highly recommend Maria as an excellent personal trainer that really knows her stuff. I found that her having personal experience of weight gain meant she really understood where I was coming from when I struggled with certain issues.


I have always been in good shape but with Maria's help I managed to achieve results I didn't think were possible at my age ( I'm 53 ). I have never looked more "ripped". I'm vegan and Maria helped me make the most of my diet and with her knowledge I now feel healthier than ever. I would highly recommend her......Iain